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Goodbye to VB2019
We do hope that you enjoyed VB2019 and the wonderful city of London, it was great to see so many people attend, and indeed you made it a record breaker of an event for us, so thank you!
It is not too late to qualify for the draw for the 'Golden Ticket' - a free ticket to either VB2010 or VB2021 - if you have not done so already, please complete your VB2019 feedback form on the VB extranet before close of business 31st October 2019.
We are gradually in the process of adding most of the slides, papers and the videos of the presentations to the programme to enable you to revisit materials you enjoyed and catch up on talks you didn't get to. As you can imagine, there is a huge amount of data for us to get through so if there is particular information you are after then do let us know.

It was our pleasure to host the event and we thank you for joining us at VB2019 - we do hope you have already put VB2020 Dublin (30 Sept - 2 Oct 2020) into your calendar and travel plans for next year!

Finally, we leave you with some words from some of the conference Partners - their support and that of all our other Partners is very much appreciated and valued.
Platinum Parter ESET: "VB2019 represents another great event from the Virus Bulletin team. For ESET, the conference allowed us to show off some of our new talents and several of the topics circulating around ESET’s global research labs.
"From Attor and its look at the AT command set, on to Buhtrap, ESET was able to communicate the rapidly evolving threat landscape and capabilities of malicious actors globally. We also took on gaming, Rich headers, and a bit of AV history to round out our program.
"Again, thank you VB for the opportunity to share, amongst researcher peers, with the audience, as well as those following online.
"For anyone wishing to follow ESET research, holds the largest block of whitepapers, blogs and other expert perspectives."
ESET's Partner presentation on Buhtrap by Anton Cherepanov and Jean-Ian Boutin can be found at
Platinum Partner Reason Cybersecurity: "Reason Cybersecurity would like to extend its appreciation to all attendees of the 2019 Virus Bulletin conference. We were honored to take part in this year’s conference as a premium Platinum Partner and to share our threat intelligence insights with leading researchers, analysts, and CISOs from around the world.
"During the conference, we presented Reason Labs, the threat research arm of Reason Cybersecurity. Reason Labs’ researchers collect raw data about existing and emerging threats and analyze it to deliver actionable insights in real-time. Our recent insight report, Threat analysis report: Save Yourself malware, was published on the Virus Bulletin site, and we would like to thank Virus Bulletin for providing us with such a respected platform for sharing it.
"With the objective of advancing the state of cybersecurity, Reason Labs is happy to share its threat intelligence insights, and is open to collaboration and sharing data.
"We invite you to visit the Reason Labs website and Twitter page or contact us at See you next year in Dublin!"
Reason Cybersecurity's Partner presentation on Webcam interception and protection in kernel mode in Windows by Michael Maltsev can be found at
Gold Partner Avast: " INSERT TEXT" 
Gold Partner Kaspersky: "Kaspersky was honored to contribute towards to Virus Bulletin 2019, that brings together a community of researchers and experts across the globe. The meaning of being truly secure has evolved and become broader over the last few years. It is now not only about the battle between security solutions and malicious software. That is why we were glad to contribute on different subjects – such as stalkerware and digital privacy, attacks on ISPs and the discovery of sophisticated Reductor malware, as well as malware-like cheats in the world of video gaming.
"We all look forward to further developing our relationship with Virus Bulletin, creating more opportunities for partnerships and knowledge sharing."
Silver Partner Intezer: "We hope you enjoyed this year’s Virus Bulletin conference! As a follow up to the event, we wanted to provide you with additional resources that may help with your threat investigations. Together with Check Point, we have conducted research using our Genetic Malware Analysis technology which maps code connections inside Russia's APT ecosystem
In brief, we have mapped code similarities between 2,000 Russian APT samples, identifying 22,000 code reuse connections between the samples, in addition to 3.85 million non-unique pieces of code that were shared. We have also released two open-source tools which can be used by the infosec community to investigate Russian-related cyber attacks:
  • Russian APT Map - an interactive map revealing connections between dozens of Russian APT families and their components. Try it now!
  • Russian APT Detector - a signature-based tool to scan a file, folder, or entire file system to search for infections made by Russian APTs
"We hope you will find the research and associated open-source tools both interesting and useful. For more information on how Genetic Malware Analysis can enrich your organization’s threat intelligence by classifying malware, attributing nation-state sponsored threats, and more, please contact Michael Kent at"
Can I ask...?
Of course you can! Just reply to this email with any queries and we'll get right back to you.
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